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890 NE Smith Rock Way
Terrebonne, OR 97760
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Attending Veterinarian:
Dr. Trish Kentner


Here at Northwest Mare Services breeding is our business. We are proud to be able to offer mare owners the most complete service available anywhere for  any of your breeding related needs. Our staff, together with attending veterinarian Dr. Trish Kentner, specialize in shipped semen breeding.  Whether it is cooled or frozen, we can receive semen from anywhere in the world for your  mare.

Embryo transfer services are also available. Our expert staff specializes in flushing embryos for shipping to selected receiving facilities where the embryo is transferred into a waiting recipient mare. This assures the mare owner wishing to transfer embryos the very best selection of recipient mares. Both the shipping and receiving of embryos for implant can also be accommodated.

Our foaling service is highly regarded, as near-term mares are closely supervised by skilled foaling attendants close at hand to insure the safe arrival of that much anticipated new foal. Every foaling mare will be monitored with an electronic “Foal Alert”™ as well as being watched around the clock on closed circuit TV.

With foals at side and safely checked back in foal, most broodmares will return home for the remainder of the year. But for those that need special attention, or just really like it here, we offer the choice of year-round mare care.

Northwest Mare Services also offers full stallion services. In addition to standing a few select stallions we also collect outside stallions for onsite breeding, evaluation, and shipping as well as offering complete semen freezing and storage services. 

Whatever your needs may be for the breeding of your mare, we feel certain that Northwest Mare Services is your best choice. It is our sincere hope that we will also become your trusted first choice.

Contact us at or call: 541-749-8811