Gary Martin
890 NE Smith Rock Way
Terrebonne, OR 97760
541-749-8811 (cell)

Attending Veterinarian:
Dr. Trish Kentner

Our Rates

2014 Rates

(Daily basis**)

  • Pasture Care (Dry) $10.00
  • Mare Motel (Dry) $15.00
  • Stall Care (Dry) $17.00
  • Foaling Barn $17.00
  • Foaling Fee* $400.00
  • Mare Management $200.00/estrus cycle(shipped semen)
  • Mares with Foal add $2.00/day
  • Chute Fee $500.00(on farm breeding)

*Foaling Fee includes the following:

  • 24 hour monitoring in foaling stalls with closed circuit TV and Foal Alert System
  • Normal uncomplicated delivery
  • Navel treated
  • Enema administered
  • 5-7 days treatment with metranidazole anti-biotics
  • Foal Serum IgG test to detect adequate colostrums transfer
  • Newborn foal exam and mare post foaling exam by attending veterinarian
  • Plasma administered at extra cost when indicated

**Daily board included complete care with orchard grass hay, Hi fat/low carb supplement and Vit/Min Supplements

Special & Private Care available upon request.


2014 Breeding Fees On Farm Semen

Option 1(per mare bred)

  • Chute fee - $500

Chute fee includes:

  • Heat cycle management
  • Normal reproductive drugs (Prostaglandin, hCG)
  • Collection and insemination(until mare is bred)

This does not include:

  • Uterine treatment, lavage or biopsy
  • Sedatives, Oxytocin or Ovuplant(Deslorelin)
  • Prebreeding uterine culture/cyctology
  • Ovarian ultrasound exams
  • Ultrasound exam for pregnancy
  • Any palpations for pregnancy
  • Progesterone

Option 2(per cycle)

Charge by cycle

  • 1st cycle - $300
  • Subsequent cycles - $250

All services same as in Option 1.

Board and mare charges separate.


2014 Transported Shipped Semen Fees

Option 1(per mare bred)

  • TSS fee - $500


  • Collection and preparation to ship chilled semen
  • Use of shipping container-equitainer or similar
  • Collection and shipping up to 3 times

Mare owner responsible for:

  • Payment of all courier shipping costs (fed ex or air)
  • Return of shipping container within 5 days after receipt

Option 2(per shipment)

Charge by shipment

  • 1st cycle - $250
  • Subsequent cycles - $250

All services same as in Option 1.

All fees must be paid in advance before semen will be shipped.