Gary Martin
890 NE Smith Rock Way
Terrebonne, OR 97760
541-749-8811 (cell)

Attending Veterinarian:
Dr. Trish Kentner


Northwest Mare Services has been in operation serving mare owners throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California since 2004. Owners Gary and Patty Martin developed the business to fill a void created by the rapid advancement of technology in the equine reproduction field. While most breeding facilities focus on the Stallions they stand, Northwest Mare Services chooses to focus on the mares.

In recent years numerous advancements have been made and today breeding practices utilizing cooled semen or frozen semen in artificial insemination  and embryo transfer are commonplace. Many of the breed associations have found themselves scrambling to keep up with technological advancements that  their members are using and demanding approval of.

As these breeding techniques have been developed and made affordable for  most breeders to employ, a gap has been created between those who have the technology and those who wish to make use of it. What is missing is a  number of skilled practioneers, both veterinarians and technicians, who are  accomplished in equine reproduction and the new technologies. As a result, many breeders  have been unnecessarily frustrated by a lack of success when utilizing new  breeding methods on their mares.

Most often the result is a decline in conception rates with mares left  open and unproductive. In todays equine market breeding a mare is, more than  ever before, an investment in the future. In order to insure the best possible outcome a mare owner needs to put all available resources to work in his  favor.

The team at Northwest Mare Services is a mare owners best friend where reproduction is concerned. Our capable staff is both schooled and skilled  in the most up-to-date breeding practices. They are people who posess a lifetime  of horse experience and truly care for the well-being of your horse. We  invite you to call or come by to find out more about the many ways we can assist you and your mare.



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