Gary Martin
890 NE Smith Rock Way
Terrebonne, OR 97760
541-749-8811 (cell)

Attending Veterinarian:
Dr. Trish Kentner


Northwest Mare Services is located in the heart of central Oregon, just  off Highway 97. Removed from the hustle and bustle, the ranch is just outside  of Terrebonne in the famous Smith Rock Valley. The semi-sheltered terrain of  this tranquil valley lends itself well to an operation concerned with the contentment and well-being of mares and foals.

Situated on 45 acres, the main compound features a breeding barn with complete laboratory facilities. Adjacent to the breeding barn is a  multiple stall foaling barn where mares can be monitored via closed circuit television  from several main locations on site. Here mares can be foaled out in  hospital-like conditions which accommodate their every need. Post-foaling, mares that  need to remain in the foaling barn can utilize the large fenced turnouts that  adjoin every stall.

Surrounding the main barn are a number of housing barns that total more  than 60 spacious stalls, most complete with individual runs. Constructed with  horse safety in mind, these stalls all feature automatic, heated waterers and  are large enough to be ideal for mares to spend extended periods of time in  without becoming claustrophobic.

Just away from the barns are a number of pasture turnouts. These range in size from the smaller (approx. one acre) double fenced stallion runs, for  when the boys come to visit. To medium and larger pastures that will encompass fifteen acres or so. All of the pasture turnouts at Northwest Mare  Services are double fenced for safety, insuring no cross fence contact.